Aeries Expands Mexico Operations with Strategic Hires, Leveraging Global Best Practices for Accelerated Digital Transformation

March 25, 2024

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, March 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aeries Technology, Inc. (“Aeries” or “the Company”) (Nasdaq: AERT), a global professional services and consulting partner, today announced the remarkable progress of its Mexico operations. Since launching in 2022, Aeries has rapidly expanded its presence, now serving esteemed clients and strategically enhancing its Mexico leadership team to support this dynamic growth. This strategic development is part of Aeries' commitment to deliver industry-leading technical expertise to drive digital transformation by leveraging technology solutions for businesses while serving as global research & development hubs and innovation drivers for its customers. Aeries expects to expand its already considerable footprint by up to 50% by the end of 2024.

Strategic Nearshore Advantages for US Clients

Nearshoring has become a significant trend among companies in the United States, experiencing considerable growth as businesses seek to optimize their operations. With the majority of Aeries' clientele being based in the United States, Mexico serves as a perfect nearshore center, offering significant cost efficiencies and the advantage of operating within the same time zone. This geographical positioning allows Aeries to provide agile, responsive, and cost-effective services to its US clients, enhancing communication and project alignment. This expansion is a clear indication of Aeries' ability to foster meaningful partnerships, providing clients with the innovative solutions needed to navigate their digital transformation journeys successfully.

Leveraging Global Expertise for Tailored Local Innovation

Having firmly established its presence in Mexico, Aeries has partnered with key clients across a diverse range of sectors including advanced software solutions for professional services, cutting-edge digital marketing platforms, premier governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technology providers, as well as top-tier management consulting firms.

The success of Aeries in Mexico is further attributed to the adaptation of proven best practices of its unique Purpose-Built Model, perfected in its established operations in India and tailored to meet the specific needs of the Mexican market. This strategic integration of international expertise with local market understanding exemplifies Aeries' capability to deliver superior service and foster innovation.

Strengthening Leadership: New Director and Team to Spearhead LatAm Operations

To support this exceptional growth in Mexico, Aeries has appointed Mario Jiminez as the Head of Mexico Operations, complemented by a robust execution team specialized in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Project Management, and Information Technology. This management team is set to drive the strategic direction of Aeries' operations in Mexico, drawing on extensive global experience to provide unparalleled expertise in technology, service delivery, engineering, and IT solutions, among other areas. This strategic hiring move is designed to further enhance operations, increase productivity, and implement effective digital strategies, leading to notable improvements in efficiency and competitive positioning.

"We are proud of the strides we've made in Mexico over the past year, notably with the onboarding of many key clients and the introduction of our new management team," stated Ajay Khare, Chief Operating Officer – Americas and CRO, Aeries. "Welcoming Mario and the new team members presents a fantastic opportunity to apply our global insights and best practices in a manner that resonates with the unique needs of the Mexican market and supports our clients' digital transformation journeys."

As it builds on its achievements in Mexico, Aeries continues to focus on introducing innovative and effective solutions tailored to the evolving demands of its clients. With a robust operational foundation and a keen eye on leveraging global best practices, Aeries is ideally positioned to support further digital success stories in Mexico.

About Aeries Technology

Aeries Technology (Nasdaq: AERT) is a global professional services and consulting partner for businesses in transformation mode and their stakeholders, including private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies, with customized engagement models that are designed to provide the right mix of deep vertical specialty, functional expertise, and digital systems and solutions to scale, optimize and transform a client’s business operations. Founded in 2012, Aeries Technology now has over 1,600 professionals specializing in Technology Services and Solutions, Business Process Management, and Digital Transformation initiatives, geared towards providing tailored solutions to drive business success. Aeries Technology’s approach to staffing and developing its workforce has earned it the Great Place to Work Certification.

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